Setting up Android development tool in Eclipse

If you don’t have eclipse yet. The easiest way to install Android SDK with Eclipse is to Download the Android SDK bundle with Eclipse.

If you already have the Eclipse, then you just need to download the SDK tool.

Assume we have Eclipse and the SDK tool installed separately, go through the steps below to
download the ADT plugin for Eclipse and use with the SDK tool to build Android apps.

1. Open Eclipse->Window->Install New Software, use this link to download and install the ADT plugin, then restart the Eclipse.

2. Configure the ADT plugin. Window->Preference->Android, browse the select the SDK directory, and click Apply.

3. Make sure you are on the Java perspective view, Window->Android SDK Manager, select and download all packages.

4. Create an emulator. Window->Android Virtual Device Manager->New->Start

5. Open a sample Android project from the Android SDK and run it. File->New Project->Android Sample Project->Next->Select a project->Right click the Project Name in the package explorer->Run as Android Application.

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