connect a computer to another computer with internet connection through ethernet cable for internect connection.

Assume you have two computers, one has wifi connection and the other one doesn’t. To connect the one without wifi to the one that has wifi, you need a ethernet cable to connect these 2 computers and then turn on Internet Connection Sharing in the computer that already has an Internet Connection.

To enable the Internet Connection Sharing on Windows:

    Open Control Panel.
    Do a search in the ControlPanel for ‘network connections’ to find View Network Connections.
    Right click on the network connection you currently have.
    Select Properties.
    Select “Sharing” tab.
    Check the option that says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.
    Click OK.

To enable the Internet Connection Sharing on Mac OS:

    System Preferences.
    Click Sharing in the Internet & Wireless.
    Click Internet Sharing in the service menu.
    Select AirPort from the “Share your connection from” if you are currently connected to the internet with wifi.
    Select Ethernet from the “To computers using”.

On the computer you want to get internet connection from the computer you’ve enabled internet sharing, make sure it has the Ethernet connection enabled. On windows, make sure the Local Area Connection is enabled. On Mac, make sure the Enthernet connection is enabled. One more note, if the computer’s wifi connection is enabled, disable the enthernet connection, if the computer’s enthernet connection is enabled, turn off the wifi connection.

For example, computer A has wifi connection, and computer B doesn’t but you’ve just enabled the internect sharing on computer A, and connected computer B to computer A with ethernet cable.

Computer A should only has the wifi connection enabled, computer B shuould only has the ethernet connection enabled.

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