transfer files between remote server and your Windows OS using putty’s pscp

1. Download the pscp.exe from
2. Click the Start menu on Windows, type cmd in the search bar and enter
3. Assume the pscp.exe file is downloaded to C:\pscp.exe
4. Type the following inthe cmd window

cd C:\

5. As an example, to transfer a file text.txt from C:\text.txt to the the directory /tmp on remote server, and your user id on the remote server is tester. Type the following in the cmd window

pscp text.txt tester@

6. To transfer the file /tmp/text.txt on the remote server to your current directory on windows C:\ , type the following in the cmd window.

pscp tester@ ./

From step 5 and 6, after you typed the command to transfer the file, when you are asked for password, enter the password for the user id you are using on the remote server.

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