How to hide your own ip address while surfing on the web

Method 1
1. Go to to find out your current ip address and locations.

2. Go to to get some free proxy ip address you can use to mask your own ip.

3. Open your browser’s settings, find proxy connection settings, check the checkbox that says to use proxy server or use manual proxy configurations. Fill in the ip address and port number you find from the previous step. Save the changes you made.

4. Go to, and you should see your ip address is changed as well as your location.

Note: If you cannot load any pages afterwards, it’s usually the fake ip address you obtained is not functioning. So, undo your changes to restore your connection and go find another fake ip address and try it again.

Method 2
Go to and download the software Tor. It is a modified fire fox browser which will generate a random ip address to hide your own real ip address.

If you google for hiding ip address software, you will find a lot of commercial software and open source software that can do the job.

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