drupal themes

A theme in drupal is a folder of files containing css and javascript code for your site’s appearance. The folder name is the name of the theme. Drupal comes with some themes out of box such as bartik, garland and seven. You can also download other community developed themes or create your own custom theme from scratch.

The themes that come with the drupal installation lives in drupalRootDir/themes/.

Community developed themes and your own custom theme live in drupalRootDir/sites/all/themes/.

Installing a drupal community theme.
1. Download the theme from drupal.org or anywehere else from the internet, usually in zip or tar format.
2. Unpack the files from the zip for tar file into drupalRootDir/sites/all/themes/.
3. Go to the drupal admin dashboard and select Appearance from the top menu bar.
4. Find the theme you downloaded, enable and set default to make it show up on your site.
5. Done!

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