magento raw query with parameter binding

The variable $binds is an array of key value pairs. The key needs to be the same as the string in the raw query string that has a colon in front of it. In this case, :category_id is in the raw mysql query and it will be replaced by the value of the array element with the key of “category_id”. If the query has a limit in it, the binding doesn’t work for the limit value, thus, the limit value plugged in as it is.

$cateId   = 12345;
$limit    = 10;
$read     = Mage::getSingleton('core/resource')->getConnection('core_read');            

$sqlQuery = "SELECT product_id FROM catalog_category_product WHERE category_id = :category_id ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT $limit";
$binds    = array('category_id' => $cateId);
$results  = $read->query($sqlQuery, $binds);

while($result = $results->fetch()) {
    echo $result['product_id'];

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