Android build and install from command line

All of the following gradlew commands are to be executed on the root directory of the Android project that you want to build.

Clean the Android project

./gradlew clean

Build the Android project

./gradlew build

Install the Android project on a connected emulator or device

./gradlew installDebug

Start the Main activity of the Android project on the emulator or the device

adb shell am start -n com.example.androidcomponents/com.example.androidcomponents.MainActivity

Uninstall the Android project from the connected emulator or device

adb uninstall com.example.androidcomponents

Android tasks commands

androidDependencies - Displays the Android dependencies of the project.
signingReport - Displays the signing info for each variant.
sourceSets - Prints out all the source sets defined in this project.

Android build tasks commands

assemble - Assembles all variants of all applications and secondary packages.
assembleAndroidTest - Assembles all the Test applications.
assembleDebug - Assembles all Debug builds.
assembleRelease - Assembles all Release builds.
build - Assembles and tests this project.
buildDependents - Assembles and tests this project and all projects that depend on it.
buildNeeded - Assembles and tests this project and all projects it depends on.
clean - Deletes the build directory.
cleanBuildCache - Deletes the build cache directory.
mockableAndroidJar - Creates a version of android.jar that's suitable for unit tests.

Android build setup tasks

init - Initializes a new Gradle build. [incubating]
wrapper - Generates Gradle wrapper files. [incubating]

Help tasks

buildEnvironment - Displays all buildscript dependencies declared in root project 'z_android_components'.
components - Displays the components produced by root project 'z_android_components'. [incubating]
dependencies - Displays all dependencies declared in root project 'z_android_components'.
dependencyInsight - Displays the insight into a specific dependency in root project 'z_android_components'.
dependentComponents - Displays the dependent components of components in root project 'z_android_components'. [incubating]
help - Displays a help message.
model - Displays the configuration model of root project 'z_android_components'. [incubating]
projects - Displays the sub-projects of root project 'z_android_components'.
properties - Displays the properties of root project 'z_android_components'.
tasks - Displays the tasks runnable from root project 'z_android_components' (some of the displayed tasks may belong to subprojects).

Install tasks

installDebug - Installs the Debug build.
installDebugAndroidTest - Installs the android (on device) tests for the Debug build.
uninstallAll - Uninstall all applications.
uninstallDebug - Uninstalls the Debug build.
uninstallDebugAndroidTest - Uninstalls the android (on device) tests for the Debug build.
uninstallRelease - Uninstalls the Release build.

Verification tasks

check - Runs all checks.
connectedAndroidTest - Installs and runs instrumentation tests for all flavors on connected devices.
connectedCheck - Runs all device checks on currently connected devices.
connectedDebugAndroidTest - Installs and runs the tests for debug on connected devices.
deviceAndroidTest - Installs and runs instrumentation tests using all Device Providers.
deviceCheck - Runs all device checks using Device Providers and Test Servers.
lint - Runs lint on all variants.
lintDebug - Runs lint on the Debug build.
lintRelease - Runs lint on the Release build.
test - Run unit tests for all variants.
testDebugUnitTest - Run unit tests for the debug build.
testReleaseUnitTest - Run unit tests for the release build.

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