node.js https get call example

The nodejs code snippet below does a simple https get call to facebook’s graph api. The host, port, path and method are specified in the options object, passed into the https request function as the first parameter. The value of the method can be changed to post to make post calls.

var https = require('https');

function getCall() {
    //initialize options values, the value of the method can be changed to POST to make https post calls
	var userAccessToken = 'CAAKoIMGu5SAyfOyVhugi7cZAaZA1kHzjrdLvtPlndoKzMJ8xZBtR3YV2iX39FSnhxK1lvtfYXO5FvcbK4MVGJphxeYDZC7HJ5FCmhOr2Ys8ZBG9qYNRSfFGuzoeRgwZBdliKvoW6YPl41b8i3dfrTpR98gFAm6qag9vYM2yD0aEv47fnWQWF1SoXRs6PFFrFu5XOe';
	var appAccessToken = '24562343562751562|hPEXIpDl0CXt0tNJ';
	var options = {
		host :  '',
		port : 443,
		path : '/debug_token?input_token=' + userAccessToken + '&access_token=' + appAccessToken,
		method : 'GET'

	//making the https get call
	var getReq = https.request(options, function(res) {
		console.log("\nstatus code: ", res.statusCode);
	    res.on('data', function(data) {
	        console.log( JSON.parse(data) );

	//end the request
	getReq.on('error', function(err){
		console.log("Error: ", err);


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