python class example

Python class is defined by using the keyword class. Class properties are defined by using the keyword self and Class constructor is defined by using __init__. __str__ is similar to the toString function in other programming languages such as Java.

#!/usr/bin/env python

# Cylinder class, with properties of radius and height
class Cylinder:
  def __init__(self,radius,height):
    self.radius = radius
    self.height = height
  def __str__(self):
    return "Radius: "+ str(self.radius) + ", Height: " + str(self.height)

  def getRadius(self):
    return self.radius
  def getHeight(self):
    return self.height
  def getVolume(self):
      return self.radius*self.radius*3.14*self.height

#Creating a cylinder object from the Cylinder class

print "A Cylinder with"
print "Radius: "+str(cd.getRadius())
print "Height: "+ str(cd.getHeight())
print cd  # This will call the function __str__
print "It's volume is "+str(cd.getVolume())


A Cylinder with
Radius: 5
Height: 10
Radius: 5, Height: 10
It's volume is 785.0

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