Facebook connect for login

There are 3 parties involved in facebook login process:
1. Facebook, the ID identifier
2. The Facebook user
3. The third party app, (a website, IOS or Android apps)

The Facebook user goes to a website and clicks the Login With Facebook button. It will prompt a Facebook login window, the user enters the account name and passwords.

Facebook verifies the credential, and logs in the user to Facebook if the credentials were correct. Then it will ask the user if it’s OK to grant the website to access his/her profile info. If the user says OK, the website can then access the user’s profile info it requested and granted the access.

At this point, the website gets the user’s Facebook profile info, let’s say account id “123456789”, and asks Facebook “hey, have you verified the account id 123456789”. Facebook gives the feedback if it’s verified or not. If it’s verified, then the website can log the user into the website. The website will use the secret key it has established with Facebook to communicate with Facebook to make sure the user is indeed verified by Facebook.

For the first time, the website usually stores the account id into a database alone with any other information it can use to verify the user, this account id and other information will be associated with the existing account info the user has with the website. In the future, when Facebook tells the website the user with account id “123456789” has been verified, the website will look up the database, and logs in the user with the account id “123456789”.

Facebook Login

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